Thursday, December 4, 2008

UPS Guy- Be Brave.

Who doesn't love to get mail? Especially a package from the good ol' UPS guy? I've been waiting for my planner and a birthday gift for my guy for two weeks. I knew yesterday was the day that I could come home and get my lovely packages. What do you know, he did come.....but didn't leave the packages, just a note saying that our driveway wasn't plowed and he couldn't make it to the house. C'mon, if I can make it down the driveway with 8 inches of the snow, why can't he? Doesn't he know I've been waiting for his arrival for 2 whole weeks? GEEZ!
Since we are too cheap to get a plow or even to pay for one, I got the best idea ever. I plowed it myself. Now, I didn't use a plow, but rather made numerous trips up and down making a nice path myself. I'll let you know if it works!

Here is the driveway:

Is it that scary?

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